So, you want a shiba...

You've researched the breed and have given the matter a lot of thought, and you've concluded that a shiba is the right breed for you. Congratulations! Now, you just have to find the perfect shiba for yourself (and possibly your family) and your lifestyle.

Your first choice is pretty simple: do you want to buy a young puppy or adopt an older puppy or adult? There's lots of good reasons for wanting to start out by buying a young puppy, but there's just as many good reasons for adopting a shiba in need of a home. I strongly recommend that everyone consider both options!

Find the right one

If you choose to adopt a rescue shiba, the challenge is to locate the right one! It won't happen overnight, and it will require some effort on your part. Check regional and national shiba rescue listings, contact local shiba breeders, contact your local shelters (often they have waiting lists for specific breeds), look on Petfinder, and ask your vet and your local dog training centers if they know of any shibas looking for homes. The right one is out there - you just have to find him/her!

If you choose to purchase a puppy, the challenge is to locate the right one! It won't happen overnight, and it will require some effort on your part. Never buy a puppy from a pet store or a broker! A good breeder puts the puppy's well-being first, and their reputation as a breeder second... your convenience, their convenience, money, and time should all be much, much less important to them. A good breeder does health checks on all potential parents (and does not breed individuals who fail any health check). A good breeder does SOMETHING with their dogs (like conformation shows, performance trials, or therapy dog work...) and does it successfully and with dedication. Finally, a good breeder puts a tremendous amount of time into each and every puppy they raise (hours per day per puppy) - if you don't understand why that is important, please go do some research about the developmental stages of dogs before you buy a puppy! If you are looking for an exceptional puppy, a dog who will be your best friend and companion for a significant portion of your lifetime, wait for a puppy from a good breeder. Want more advice? There's plenty of it out there, but here's a couple good starting places:

Available Nozomi Shibas

We never know when to expect our next foster shiba. Could be next week, could be next year... At any given time, we often know of a nice shiba looking for a home, so if you're located near me (ie. New England, especially southern NH or eastern MA) and are interested in adopting a shiba, please feel free to contact us. If you are located near me and have a shiba that you are trying to find a new home for, I am happy to list him or her as available for adoption on this site, and can help you list your dog on other shiba rescue sites.

We do not breed often and only rarely have puppies available. Please enjoy watching our 2017 litter grow up here:

You can also read about and see photos of some of our past litters:

As for our future plans, we are hoping for a second litter in 2017 and may (or may not) breed a litter for the spring or summer of 2018 as well.